Leadership and Team Building (6/13/2014)

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Leadership and Team Building (6/13/2014)


So much of our lives - professional, personal and in other places, too - are spent in groups.  In teams.  Especially in our careers ... Work Teams are here and here to stay. 

Maybe you want to know more about how you are as a team members.  Maybe you're in charge of building and leading a particular sort of team.  Whatever the case, this day is for you.

Teams ... Why do we need them?  How do we use them well?  What's my role?

This daylong seminar will assist in uncovering some answers to those questions. Your tuition cost includes all materials, follow up resources, lunch, snacks, and related costs.

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DESIRED PRE-REQUISITES: Leadership and You AND Leadership and You: What Now? (If you have yet had a chance to join us in-person for these training days, please get in touch (800.672.4998 / info@querencia-coaching.com ) and we can talk about other ways to get you up to speed!)

How You Will Benefit

o   Improve and deepen your understanding of leadership, teamwork and your role within them 

o   Expand your self-awareness about the how's and why's of who you are as a team member or team leader

o   Gain a deeper understanding of how your type and temperament - and those of others - impact team dynamics, team work and more

o   Participate in building a sustainable learning and peer community with others invested in the same goals

o   Chart a continuing course for your own leadership journey

o   Receive follow-up coaching about next steps


What You Will Cover

o   An Introduction to Work Teams

o   Using Type and Temperament to Understand Roles

  • Team Member
  • Team Leader
  • Team Other

o   Linking Conflict Management in Teams to Type

o   Next Steps

Who Should Attend

Experienced managers, executives, students, coaches, volunteers, counselors, administrators, and anyone else who aspires to a leadership position or who is expected to provide team membership or leadership.

An Added Benefit

Training will utilize a number of evidence-based, practical, and inventive resources - including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) Steps One and Two personality inventory - for deepening self-awareness, connectivity and understanding.  Seminar attendees will work closely – individually and in a peer learning community - with an MBTI Certified Master Practitioner before, during and after the daylong training to foster an understanding of the MBTI and its myriad uses in human, organizational and leadership development.  Attendees will receive a personalized MBTI interpretive report specific to how type impacts teamwork and team building.