My name is Lori, and I'm the founder of Querencia Coaching.

Qurencia is a Spanish word that can mean at least a couple of things. Loosely translated, Querencia is a noun that can mean ...

a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self; the part of a bullring where the bull takes its stand.

How incredibly cool is THAT?!? Also ... That's what we do. At every level - organizational, team AND individual - we help you find that natural, most at home, completely authentic place.  And all the best stuff happens there.

Some people are into art. Others dig science.  Still others adore business. Me ... I love coaching. And I love leadership. In fact ... I am completely, unabashedly passionate about both.

Helping people - of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances - get to their very best place, their dream spot ... That's favorite thing in the world. Fortunately, I also happen to be exceedingly good at it, and our team is even better.

That lifelong passion informs everything I do. Having spent years in a variety of senior leadership, upper management and other kinds of positions ... While also doing the most important work of knowing myself. Finding my way. Getting to my own "querenciatic" spot. Well.  Like all of us ... I've seen some things. Made some huge mistakes. Had some wonderful successes. And learned a hell of a lot along the way.

I'm not your average coach, not your run-of-the-mill consultant.  And Querencia is not your average coaching and consulting firm.  Our team is amazing. Our work is solid. We'll bring you the very best ... In organizational science, best practices, carefully honed skill, depth of experience and the best education. Equally important, we'll have some fun along the way and exceed your expectations, too.

So ... If you're a less-than-usual, better-than-average client, we should talk about working together. Soon.






At Querencia, we know that strong, thriving organizations with strong, thriving leaders & Teammates are what it takes to succeed.


Doing the work to make it happen ...

Makes business sense ... Productive, informed professionals, executives, teams, and organizations produce more profitable, better results.

Makes human sense ... The search for who and how we are - as workers, as leaders, as people - is intrinsic to our sense of wholeness.  knowing ourselves makes our work better, our relationships better, and our lives better.



We can help. Look to us for:

- expertise on organizational life, strategic focus, system design, branding, planning and process execution, policy development, Individual coaching, and more;

- Personally designed coaching, training, and leadership programming for individuals, teams and/or organizations of all shapes, kinds and sizes;

- Virtual coaching options for those interested in working with us across distance;

- A wide array of tools, resources and assessments (i.e., personality type, interest inventory, conflict management style, etc.)  that can be used in any coaching setting for deeper engagement and better results for you, your team, or your organization.