College! What now??!?

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College! What now??!?


College can be an awesome, amazing, and still overwhelming and challenging time. Majors. Career Paths. Graduate schools. The right internships. Jobs after graduation. All those student loans to pay back.

We’re here to help.  Your talent is great. Your choices and potential are virtually limitless, so invest some time and energy now by charting your most authentic course right from the start.

Our college & career coaching process includes:

  • Online access to personal assessment tools 
  • Follow-up online training geared toward understanding those tools
  • One hour in-person (or virtual via phone, Skype, etc., if you choose) coaching to review assessment results and get coaching and feedback designed just for you
  • Follow-up assistance with action planning for further development and next steps.

Click here for a sample report and to learn even more. We can't wait to work with you!

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